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What is the conical twin screw extruder priciple?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-05-25 16:25:00

twin screw extruder principle

The conical twin screw extruder, we can call it conical twin screw mixer,it\'s a kind of powder mixer.how can the conical twin screw extruder work? and what is its principle in working?

1.The conical twin screw extruder make materials rising with two asymmetric spiral rotation,and the pivot arm make a revolution with slow speed, in addition,outer materials will go into the stud, to achieve full-circle orientation diffusion.the upper materials can get together into center to form a downward steam.

2.The standard conical twin screw extruder has two stirring screws,which can be designed by our engineer,Theoretically, the more stirring screws, the better mixing performance.

3.The conical twin screw extruder is usually designed into twin screw type,or we can design according to our client\'s need, Foshan JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd can provide a profession advice for you!

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