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Do you know about conical twin screw extruder?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 17:11:00

conical twin screw extruder

The conical twin screw extruder is a chemical conical twin screw mixer, which can adapt a wide mixed materials. it can face heating-sensitive materials without overheating, the particulate material will not be pressure-fed and grated.

The characteristics of conical twin screw extruder:

1.it's applies for different proportion of materials, the powder particles are relatively large materials.

2.It's suitable for ceramic glaze in gentle mixing process,the material particles are not pressure-fed or broken.

3.Heat-sensitive materials will not overheat.

4.In the powder mixing process, it's very convenient for add liquid in work condition,or provide a liquid to one or more spray outlet.

5.The bottom of the dislocation valve can be convenient for materials discharge, because it has no bottom screw fixture,pressure fed phenomenon can't happen.