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How to used stainless steel resins mixing tanks?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-11-28 11:14:48

used steel tanks

How to used stainless steel resins mixing tanks? As a professional stainless steel resins mixing tanks manufacturer in China, we specialize in producing the suitable stainless steel resins mixing tanks on your requirement.in addition,we can design the different volume stainless steel resins mixing tanks on your production plan.

used steel tanks

The stainless steel resins mixing tanks is a kind of chemical mixing tank, which is the main mixing equipment for resins, paint, ink, adhesives, silicone rubber and other chemicals production.If you're a stainless steel resins mixing tanks investors, you need to pay attention to some safety issues.Firstly, you need the check the same for power supply and voltage, as well as the specifications on the stainless steel resins mixing tanks.the power supply must have a reliable ground, pull the plug to seize the entire plug unplugged, not just pull the power cord, so as to avoid internal disconnection, poor contact.

used steel tanks

Secondly,Check the tightness of the stainless steel resins mixing tanks,especially whether the bottom outlet valve is closed,then,weighing,feeding,top cover installment,open the control cabinet, adjust the appropriate speed and direction of rotation, then press the start button to stir,record the reaction time, when reaction process is over,start discharge,make a cleaning.

Finally, if you need more details of stainless steel resins mixing tanks, welcome to visit JCT Machinery!

used steel tanks

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