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Who is carbon steel mixing tanks?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-28 11:16:12

carbon steel tanks

The carbon steel mixing tanks is a typical reaction and mixing tanks used in many chemicals process.carbon steel mixing tanks is made from carbon steel (Q235 type),carbon steel mixing tanks consists drive, stirring system, sealing parts, cylinder, heating or cooling device and other support components. JCT carbon steel mixing tanks can be customized in different type on your need.

carbon steel tank

JCT carbon steel mixing tanks need to be mixed with the reaction of various types of media, which is in proportion to the formula into the carbon steel mixing tanks, as for carbon steel mixing tanks name, we can get to know reactor. In a certain temperature range,carbon steel mixing tanks can turn raw material into objective required product with the stirring system of external force.

carbon steel tanks

JCT carbon steel mixing tanks is mainly used for chemical, construction and other industries without pH requirements,the manufacturing process is simple, competitive price,easy maintenance and energy saving. JCT carbon steel mixing tanks is widely accepted by many overseas customers.

carbon steel tank

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