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How does the planetary mixer manufacturers look about the global news? The New Monument of Africa and China, Present Situation of Tanzania - Zambia Railway

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 14:31:45

planetary mixer manufacturers

As one of planetary mixer manufacturers in China, we have own company as well as factory, we not only concern the planetary mixer business, but also pay attention to global news, because industrial development is associated with country development, and here let me talk about the news from China Daily.

planetary mixer manufacturers

40 years ago,China built a railway in Africa Tanzania-Zambia. Railway started in October 1970, which lasted six years, a total length of 1860.5 kilometers, provided by the Chinese government interest-free loans to build.China has sent engineering and technical support,64 Chinese workers in the construction process to pay the life.so the Tanzania-Zambia Railway is a model and miniature of China\'s early foreign aid.

planetary mixer manufacturers

As far as a we concerned, we are planetary mixer manufacturers, we can provide the suitable chemical mixing equipment for clients who are in a poor country, our country has many policy to support other countries and region.Be a good citizen and good staff,we need to do best!

planetary mixer manufacturers

40 years later,because of financial and operational problems,the Tanzania-Zambia Railway has lost a part of passenger traffic substantially. At present,the train station in Dar es Salaam is only available on Tuesdays and Fridays for two days a week,passenger volume becomes small,But the passengers at the station said they are regular passenger,the reason to choose train is that it can save their fare than road bus and more secure.

From China Daily and www.mixmachinery.com

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