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How to used high speed shear mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 11:25:20

high speed shear mixer

If you\'re a business man for high speed shear mixer, you should pay attention to some useful operation tips to used high speed shear mixer. As for operation issue for high speed shear mixer,not only can we focus on operation details, but also quality of high speed shear mixer according to our client\'s requirement.

used high shear mixer

Here are some useful tips for high speed shear mixer operation operation as follows:

1.Check the line of high speed shear mixer is good or not,and operation condition,speed control switch turn to zero or not.

2.Close the air switch of the high speed shear mixer, raise the stirring shaft, pull the paint cylinder to the working position, and adjust the stirring shaft to the center position of the adjusting paint cylinder, slowly lower the impeller to stop the slurry and fix it.

high speed shear mixer

3.Locking tightly the rotation of the handle of the two feet,high speed shear mixer will be fixed to prevent the dispersion when the paint tank with the disperser rotating slurry slurry out of the cylinder.

There\'re more detail can be included from JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd, welcome to your inquiry!

used high shear mixer

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