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The advantages from stainless steel jacketed reactor manufacturer

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-05-16 11:34:01

stainless steel reactor

Our advantages:

1.Quality: 100% stainless steel, appearance with mirror polished , adopt vacuum box balanced structure, the degree of vacuum reached -0.096, good sealing quality.

2.Service: we can provide a face to face pre-sale consultation,with photographs or video report on the progress of production, in addition, it\'s durable for 10 years of stainless steel jacketed reactor, free maintenance over 20 years!

3.Efficiency: we can finish drawings for 3 days as soon as possible,shipment in 1 month.

4.Team: Focus on stainless steel jacketed reactor industry for over 20 years, with 5 years of 20 technical team!

5.Other advanced advantages: we can provide the whole production line, plant specifications, reasonalble design for stainless steel jacketed reactor,equipped with the most suitable for your machine!

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