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Let's talk about mixer blade design of high speed dispersers!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 17:23:18

high speed dispersers

As for high speed dispersers, we can be associate with its high speed blaze--high speed dispersion disk,and what is the design of high speed mixer blade design? we can learn more as follows:

1.The high speed dispersers blade is a new and efficient equipment with high speed operation by the upper and lower sawtooth,it\'s designed with high-speed strong shearing, imparting, griding, dispersing to achieve rapid mixing,dissolving, dispersing, refined functions. in addition, it\'s a high efficient equipment for paint stirring,dispersing and dissolving.

2.The mixer blaze design of high speed dispersers play a good role in paint production, which can be included feeding system,grinding system, control system, operation system and paste production section.

3.As a result, with the advantage of high-speed mixer blaze,high speed disperser is widely used in paint, ink, paste,sealant and other industrial area.

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