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How about spiral dough mixer features?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 13:59:30

spiral dough mixer

The spiral dough mixer belongs to chemical high speed dispersion machine, with frequent control,spiral dough mixer can be adjusted by operator conveniently, with automatic production process, spiral dough mixer can save a lot of manpower in factory. as a spiral dough mixer manufacturer in China, to provide the suitable spiral dough mixer with good quality and service is our goal!

spiral dough mixer

JCT spiral dough mixer is also known as high speed dispersion machine, it not only produce the dough product, but also produce the other high and low viscosity chemicals product, such as paint, ink, silicone sealant,various adhesives, various glue, all kinds of resins and so on.

spiral dough mixer

JCT spiral dough mixer is made from stainless steel and carbon steel as contact material.the voltage is 380V, the weight depends on your order,as for heating method, JCT spiral dough mixer includes steam and hot water and so on.if you need more details of spiral dough mixer, welcome to contact us in your free time!

spiral dough mixer

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