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How does the JCT double sigma mixer ship overseas?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 11:18:20

double sigma mixer

JCT double sigma mixer ship overseas by ocean shipment, that is say, we usually adopt shipping.JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of double sigma mixer manufacturer and supplier in China,double sigma mixer is a kind of chemical mixing machine, and the weight is heavy, so we have to make it by ship, and terms of payment is up to your requirement.

double sigma mixer

JCT double sigma mixer is used for mixing and kneading high viscosity material,With its unique design of Z-shaped and sigma-shaped as mixing blazes which installed in two semi-cylinders,JCT double sigma mixer not only can finish the mixing and kneading, but also crushing and dispersion as sigma blaze operation.we can design the suitable type according to your specific requirement.

double sigma mixer

JCT double sigma mixer is a multi-functional kneading machine, which can be widely used in silicone sealant, adhesives, paint, ink,paste,dough and other high viscosity material.we can provide the warranty for 3 years, To provide the suitable double sigma mixer with good quality and good service is our business goal!

double sigma mixer

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