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What is the solid liquid mixing equipment?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 10:16:24

solid liquid mixing equipment

The solid liquid mixing equipment is a new highly efficient mixing equipment,without dead spots, it\'s ideal mixing equipment in many industries.solid liquid mixing equipment can be called planetary mixer, because it has unique and novel agitation, in addition, solid liquid mixing equipment can be designed according to your need.

mixing equipment

The solid liquid mixing equipment has special seal structure to pressure and vacuum, so that exhaust can be well expelled, cylinder jacket can be heated and cooled according to client\'s requirement.cover lift by hydraulic, and the cylinder is free to move, which is easy to operate.

The solid liquid mixing equipment is used for process of mixing, reaction, dispersion,dissolute and quench the multi-component solid phase, solid-liquid, liquid-liquid materials in the industries, it\'s widely used in chemical,light industry, food, batteries, pharmaceuticals, building material and so on.

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solid liquid mixing equipment

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