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What do you think of sigma stainless steel mixer design?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-05-23 11:06:20

sigma mixer design

Sigma stainless steel mixer is commonly used for mixing of dough ingredients in the baking industry. It creates a minimum dead space during mixing. As a professional sigma stainless steel mixer manufacturer, we can show you something about its design.

sigma stainless steel

It consists of double trough shaped stationary bowl. Two sigma shaped blades are fitted horizontally in each trough of the bowl. These are connected to a fixed speed drive. The mixer is loaded from the top and unloaded by tilting the entire bowl by means of a rack and pinion drive.

sigma mixer design

Sigma stainless steel mixer works at a fixed speed. It is primary used for liquid-solid mixing, and solid-solid mixing. The design is mostly based on the curvature and concavity of the kneading blades. If you are interested in sigma stainless steel mixer, welcome to consult with us!

sigma stainless steel

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