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What is the rubber double blade blender?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 10:29:18

double blade blender

What is the rubber double blade blender? for this name, what kind of rubber double blade blender you want? as for me, it's better to recommend the JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd, as a reliable rubber double blade blender, we have been manufacturing in rubber double blade blender over 10 years! With many years production experience, JCT rubber double blade blender becomes more and more popular around the world.

double blade blender

The rubber double blade blender can be known as kneader in JCT Machinery,JCT rubber double blade blender is available with variety of blades in different shapes as well as with number of discharging methods and mixing conditions.The rubber double blade blender has already achieved considerable renown in a wide range of industries that deal with high and medium viscosity materials.

double blade blender

JCT rubber double blade blender is widely used in silicone sealant, rubber, hot melt glue, ink, pigment, CMC/Cellulose, plastic, chewing gum, electrode paste, carbon, pharmaceutical, food and other chemicals products, JCT rubber double blade blender can be designed into different types according to our client's requirement, so we don't usually have rubber double blade blender in stock, we customized rubber double blade blender on your need!

double blade blender

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