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Would we only find the ribbon blender made in india?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 13:52:27

ribbon blender india

Would we only find the ribbon blender made in india? not exactly,we can find the ribbon blender made in india as well as China,there're many professional and reliable ribbon blender manufacturer,JCT Machinery Co.,ltd is a good example,we have been focusing on this field over 10 years, we have a experiencing technology and complete services!

ribbon blender india

                                                  Ribbon blender application

JCT ribbon blender is also called horizontal mixer consist of horizontal U-shaped tank, top cover with (or without) openings, single shaft equipped with double layers ribbon mixing agitator, transmission unit, support frame, sealing element, discharge structure and so on.The inner layers spread the material from central to two ends,Materials forms vortex during repeatedly movement and homogeneous mixing are achieved. 

ribbon blender india

JCT ribbon blender is made from stainless steel or carbon steel as contact material,we polish the surface of JCT ribbon blender,many configuration can be negotiable with us,we will try our best to meet your need, JCT ribbon blender,your best choice!

ribbon blender india