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Do you know PVA glue / polyvinyl alcohol adhesive making process?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-09-04 10:11:41

pva glue

Polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material for the manufacture of polyvinyl acetal, gasoline pipe and vinylon synthetic fiber, fabric treatment agent, emulsifier, paper coating, adhesives, glue and so on. As a professional manufacturer specializing in pva glue full plant more than 15 years, are you interested in knowing about PVA glue / Polyvinyl alcohol adhesive making process from JCT Machinery?

pva glue

  1) The preparation of initiator and emulsion is respectively in the initiator tank and in the emulsion tank.
  2) Add water, emulsion and initiator in proportion into the reactor by pump, stirring it. Then start the heating system to reach the point can be reaction, at the same time, start the cooling system to control the temperature.
  3) Next step, control the stirring speed.
  4) When the production is finished, filter the materials, then discharge and pack them.

pva adhesive

As you can see in the production process, to make PVA glue / polyvinyl alcohol adhesive, some main equipment you need to have such as initiator tank, emulsion tank, glue making reactor, heating system, cooling system, filter, packaging machine and so on. We can design program to meet actual needs of each client. If you want to start pva glue / polyvinyl alcohol adhesive project, we welcome you without hesitate to contact JCT Machinery!

pva adhesive

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