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PU grafted adhesive for footwear supplier visit JCT Machinery for another time discussion of machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-09-02 11:03:54

pu adhesive for footwear

With promotely chatting about grafted adhesive production equipment, Bangaladesh client visited JCT Machinery again. As we all know, footwear needs adhesive to bond, including its surface, its sides, and holes. And grafted and PU adhesive is used for shoes holes bonding. Do you know something about the visit of pu and grafted adhesive for footwear machine suppliers?

pu adhesive for footwear

In the chatting this time, we reached common ideas for grafted adhesive production line. Also, the client go on asking us for Neoprene production line. Til now, we contact with each other for many requirement details and hope to make the order as soon as possible. We all feel pleased that we can build good relationship and go on business cooperation.

pu machine

Grafted and pu adhesive making line mainly have some steps. Firstly, make glue in a reactor. Nextly, reconcile the glue in another reactor. Thirdly, discharge materials to filter. Lastly, discharge out finished products for packaging. If you have questions about adhesive making equipment, welcome to discuss with pu and grafted adhesive for footwear machine supplier!

pu machine

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