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Ethiopia client came to talk about the prodution of car paint and silicone sealant

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-01 15:07:16

paint production

On June 29th, 2017, an client from Ethiopia camt to visit JCT Machinery and this time he wanted to make car paint prodution line and silicone sealant production line. As a manufacturer with exprience in selling equipments of car paint and silicone sealant, now let us introduce something about it for you.

car paint

The Ethiopia client told us, the car paint production line he wants is for the factory of himself, and want to find the silicone sealant production line is for his customers. And the day after this day he will fly to Qingdao. And he asked us something about equipments for his two projects. We understood his words and gave him explanation in details. 

silicone sealant

After talking, we took him to the production workshop and saw some machines we have made. Then we talked about his two projects till noon and together had a meal with pleasure. As a professional manufacturer of some equipments of production line, we'd like to help our clients and build good relationship with each other. Any requirements about chemical mixing equipments you have can talk with JCT Machinery!

car paint

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