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What do you know about contact adhesive(cyanoacrylate)?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-07-03 21:12:57

contact adhesive

Contact adhesive, whose chemical name is cyanoacrylate, its main ingredient is polyethylene formal, is a colorless transparent solution, soluble in water. In the construction industry has a wide range of applications, such as for bonding tiles, wallpaper, exterior finishes, etc., but also for the footwear industry paste leather lining and paper glue and so on.


Contact adhesive(cyanoacrylate) has good performance in terms of oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical reagents resistance. As chloroprene rubber adhesive is a strong adhesive ability, it has wide range application such as self-adhesive or sticky in rubber, leather, fabric, cardboard, wood-based panels, wood, foam, ceramics, concrete, metal and so on. Do you know the production of contact adhesive?

contact adhesive

As for its production, the main equipment for its mixing is stainless steel reactor. And the process includes: materials preparation → dissolved polyvinyl alcohol → formaldehyde reaction → cooling materials and discharge. Any problems about contact adhesive(cyanoacrylate) equipments you have can feel free to consult to JCT Machinery!


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