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Do you know production process of graft sealant which is a kind of glue for shoes?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-05 11:11:29

graft sealant

When speaking of graft adhesive, people might be unfamiliar with it. But if talks about contact adhesive, most of us know it. Now let me introduce some tips about the making process of graft adhesive for you.

glue for shoes

In fect, graft adhesive is a kind of glue that better than the effect of contact adhesive sometimes. It has a low viscosity viscosity of glue, permeability characteristics, can effectively prevent the migration of plasticizers, soft PVC and rubber materials have a special bonding performance. The adhesive strength of this glue is close to the polyurethane adhesive, the price is much lower and the storage stability is good. It is mainly used for footwear industry, bags, handbags industry fabrics, PVC, PU bonding.

glue for shoes

For the raw material of grafted rubber, it is generally made of chloroprene rubber, methyl methacrylate and other monomers, initiator, antioxidant in the solvent graft copolymerization of the glue and the termination agent and tackifying resin and other preparation.In the grafting production equipment, people generally use two stainless steel reactor for the production, one for making graft sealant, another for reconciling the graft sealant. The production process can be summarized in six steps: feeding - mixing - heating - cooling (mixing and mixing) - discharge - packaging and other six steps. As a manufacturer specializes in graft sealant making equipments, we welcome you to communicate with us about it!

graft sealant

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