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What do you know about production of MS polymer adhesive?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-05 16:25:29

ms polymer adhesive

About MS polymer adhesive, maybe someone who has business in making glue knows it. Several days ago, our clients who want to produce MS polymer adhesive came to visit us, and we knew that in our country it is not so many people focuses on making MS polymer adhesive and it has a bit high profit point. In general, some equipments to make MS polymer adhesive includes reactors, powerful dispersing machine or powerful dual planetary mixer, hydraulic feeder, packaging machine and so on.

ms polymer

In fect, the production process of MS polymer adhesive and silicone rubber production process is very similiar, both of them are doing base material (powerful dispersing machine /powerful dual planetary mixer) - and then making glue (powerful dispersing machine/powerful dual planetary mixer) - discharging materials and packaging (hydraulic feeder and packaging machine).

ms polymer adhesive

MS glue is mainly based on MS polymer-based polymer, with fillers, plasticizers and other functional additives made of one-component or two-component elastic sealant. And its curing method is mainly silane and air moisture Hydrolyzed de-alcohol and then by condensation which belongs to moisture curing adhesive. Any question about equipments of making MS polymer adhesive should you contact with us!

ms polymer

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