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What is the common problems towards the powder plow mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-12 10:59:55

plow mixer

The powder plow mixer is a new type and high efficient powder mixing equipment,as for type of structure, it can be divided into horizontal powder plow mixer and multi functional plow mixer and other types,as for material, it can be divided into stainless steel powder plow mixer and carbon powder plow mixer,as a professional powder plow mixer manufacturer, we have concluded some common problems in our company.

plow mixer

The powder plow mixer has wide application,the frequent use is also high,so the damage rate will increase with it.it's significant to operate and avoid some problems when you meet.

1.The bearing overheating of powder plow mixer occurs,poor lubrication, damage or spindle bending powder plow mixer,a serious imbalance in the rotor, the belt will be too tight when the bearing overheating.you should add the oil, replace the bearing,spindle, balance rotor, adjust the belt tightness and other methods to make the bearings back to normal.

plow mixer

2.The powder plow mixer hosts vibration and noise noise, the installation is not adjusted and the transmission is damaged.

3.The motor power of powder plow mixer is in shortage condition,improper preparation of the pulley, belt slippery, hammer serious wear and tear, uneven feed or high water content of raw materials is the main cause of low production efficiency.in addition, if you find some abnormal phenomenon of powder plow mixer,you need to check the operation and movement normally or not.

plow mixer

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