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How are pneumatic high speed blender mixers?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-04-13 09:19:46

pneumatic mixers

High-speed blender mixer is the easiest one of the dispersion equipment, the main role is to pre-dispersion of the pigment, and then with the sand mill and other pigments to disperse. As a manufacturer, JCT Machinery can provide you with the right machine configuration of pneumatic high speed blender mixers.

high speed blender

According to enhance the way to enhance, the high speed blenders mixer can be divided into hydraulic lift disperser, pneumatic lift disperser, manual disperser.

high speed blender

The pneumatic high speed blender mixers are mainly used in pharmaceutical, paint, ink, flooring production line, painting production line, chemical, food, automobile, motorcycle, electronics, container ship, cosmetics, flavor spices, shoe factory, leather factory, wood products factory, as well as paper making, making adhesives, tire manufacturing, water treatment and other places. For more product details, please contact JCT Machinery.

pneumatic mixers

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