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How do you like high speed disperser blades?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-13 10:06:39

high speed disperser blades

The high-speed disperser utilizes a disc-shaped blade mounted at the end of the mixing shaft. These high-speed dispersers utilize disc-shaped blades mounted at the ends of the mixing shaft. The disperser blades are rotated at the optimum speed to achieve proper flow patterns and expectations. How do you like high speed disperser blades?

disperser blades

A low-cost route to improve the performance of your high-speed disperser. This unique "bolt" technology replaces the "serrated" blade, combined with improved flow and shear characteristics, resulting in higher oxidation dispersion. It is high speed disperser disc blade design.

high speed disperser blades

This dispersion of vertical serrations on the disc coatings, paints, powder, solid - liquid materials such as high-speed shearing, impact, grinding, dispersion, in order to achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing, refined state. If you are intereted in high speed disperser blades of JCT Machinery, you can communicate with us in your free time!

disperser blades

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