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How much does the paint paddle mixers for sale?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-01 11:47:09

paddle for mixer

The price of paint paddle mixers for sale depends on your specific requirement actually,we are chemical paint paddle mixers manufacturer, we produce the different paint paddle mixers for sale, as for paint production, we have two options for you, one is paint reactor, another is paint high speed dispersion machine. here we\'re pleased to learn one of them.

paddle mixers for sale

The reactor can be known as paint paddle mixers for sale,paint paddle mixers is designed into different paddles, such as anchor paddle, block,ribbon, turbine type, a dispersing disc and other types if you have your idea.we usually adopt stainless steel as contact material.the design volume is 50L to 50000L,and the reaction pressure is about -0.1-0.1mpa with room temperture,we can design different heating methods,electric heating, steam heating, hot water heating and so on.

paddle for mixer

JCT paint paddle mixers for sale is a kind of chemical reaction and mixing equipment for paint, ink,various resins, rubber,adhesives,pharmaceutical, food and other aspects production process. in addition, we can provide a complete paint production line if necessary, JCT paint paddle mixers for sale,professional and focus for you!

paddle mixers for sale

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