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How about helical ribbon mixer blender?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-01 11:29:38

helical ribbon mixer

The helical ribbon mixer blender is a high efficient and professional chemical mixing equipment, which is widely used in chemicals, dye,food,feed, building materials,rate earth powder and powder or solid and liquid mixture,helical ribbon mixer blender has wide adaptability to the mixed materials. As a reliable helical ribbon mixer blender, we can design the suitable helical ribbon mixer blender on your requirement.

ribbon mixer blender

The helical ribbon mixer blender has many advanced performance, they are no overheating to the heat-sensitive materials, no pressure feeding and grinding to the granular materials, no dendrites separation to the materials with different specific gravity and different granularity, No residue on the mixed material of the high demand.

helical ribbon mixer

JCT helical ribbon mixer blender is also known as double spiral cone mixer, we can customize the different capacity of helical ribbon mixer blender,we can try our best to meet your requirement, if you\'re interested in helical ribbon mixer blender details, welcome to visit JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd.

ribbon mixer blender

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