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Look at Senegal clients who do paint manufacture business visited paint machine manufacturers

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-05-27 13:43:55

paint manufacture

On May 26th, 2017, a Senegal client came to visit JCT Machinery. He wants to do paint manufacture business and learn about it from us. Both of us hope that we can keep good relationship and cooperate smoothly. As paint machine manufacturers with experience, now let us introduce something about it to you.

paint manufacture

Paint is a viscous oily pigment, Without dry flammable,, insoluble in water, Slightly soluble in fat, soluble in alcohol, aldehyde, ether, benzene, alkane, soluble in gasoline, kerosene, diesel. Water-based paints require additional additives to meet the production, construction, storage and formation of paint film.

paint machine manufacturers

As for paint machine, it crushes, disperses, emulsifies and mixes the paint. So It is a high-speed operation of the high-speed operation of the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing disc. The material is subjected to high-speed strong shear, impact, crushing and dispersing to achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing and refining. Thus, It is a solvent and other solid equipment for stirring, dispersing and dissolving. If are interested in purchasing our paint machine, welcome you to contact us!

paint machine manufacturers

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