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With various stirrer types, when can we choose paddle stirrer reactor?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-30 09:09:20

stirrer types

For the reaction equipment we are no stranger, it is a mechanical equipment for material reaction, and it is the most commonly used in the daily production.

stirrer types

Generally, according to stirrer types, reactors can be divided into: paddle type, tooth type, anchor type, frame type, ribbon screw type, turbine type and so on. One of the most commonly used is the paddle stirrer. The paddle stirrer is the simplest in a large number of agitators in the reactor. The paddle stirrer are made of flat steel, welded or bolted to the hub. The number of paddle stirrer is generally 2, 3 or 4, according to the different shape of the blade it can be divided into straight paddle-type stirrer and oblique paddle mixer.

paddle stirrer

The straight paddle-type stirrer produces a radial force that generally runs slowly. About 80r / min. It mixed in the radial direction, and in the vertical direction can not mix well. But because of its simple structure, widely used to promote heat transfer, soluble solid mixing and dissolved and other gentle mixing operation. The oblique paddle stirrer produces an axial force that can be angled at 24 °, 45 °, or 60 ° with axial shunt, radial shunt, the overall effect is better, the application process is the same, so the application frequency is higher than the  straight paddle stirrer. Therefore, when the reactor stirrer is paddle stirrer, it is generally applicable to low viscosity liquid, suspension and dissolved solution. As in the high viscosity of the material is not recommended to use reactors which with paddle stirrer.

paddle stirrer

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