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Let chemical reactors manufacturers tell you what is epoxy resin dispersion reconcile reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-30 10:13:20

chemical reactors manufacturers

On June 27th, 2017, our customers who have 4 persons from Zhuhai came to visit JCT Machinery and discuss about some problems of epoxy resin sealant production project. They found in the production the material contains powder, easy to produce agglomeration phenomenon in the reactor mixing process, so that products fail to achieve the desired quality. So we designed a program to add a dispersion reconcile reactor in their production.

reactors manufacturers

Epoxy resin is an organic compound containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule, and most of the relative molecular mass is not high. After curing the epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties, it is the surface of metal and non-metallic materials with excellent bonding strength, good dielectric properties, deformation shrinkage is small. And its product size stability, high hardness, flexibility is better, the alkali and most of the solvent stability. Generally do epoxy resin is stirred with a reactor. As products of our customer easy to agglomeration, so follow-up to add a dispersion kettle to reconcile, one to operate easily, and second to reduce the process.

reactors manufacturers

Dispersing kettle is also called reconcile reactor, both with stirring and dispersing functions. This is a solution we designed for the product cohesion phenomenon for our customers, and we will design a reactor with suitable height according the height of our customer's factory. We are very grateful to the mutual trust and hope that this cooperation can be successfully completed. If you have needs to purchase chemical mixing equipments, please do not hesitate to consult to JCT Machinery, thus we will try our best to design a suitable solution for your production.

chemical reactors manufacturers

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