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Let's share the differences between neutral silicone sealant and acidic silicone sealant

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-05 10:54:08

neutral silicone sealant

The silicone sealant can be divided into two types, they are neutral silicone sealant and acidic silicone sealant.what are the differences between them, let me show you below:

The acidic silicone sealant is also called deacidification silicone sealant, it will release acidic gases in the curing process when it absorb moisture from the air.in addition, acidic silicone sealant has a fast curing speed and metal corrosion.

The neutral silicone sealant is also known dealcoholization silicone sealant, it absorbs moisture in the air during the curing process of the release of ethanol gas.its curing speed is slow and ductility is weak.,but has a strong adhesive for adhesive surface.

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