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[news} What is waterproof silicone rubber sealant?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-05 10:04:15

silicone rubber sealant

The waterproof silicone rubber sealant is vatypical sealing materials, which is dominated by organic silicone agent, addiing vulcanization accelerators, reinforcing fillers and pigments.

Waterproof silicone rubber sealant can be divided into acetic acid type, oxime type, alcohol type, amine and amide type, etc;in gereral, high modulus silicone rubber sealant adopts two curing systems, acetic acid type for building and alcohol type, the middle modulus silicone building sealant use alcohol-based curing system;low modulus silicone building sealant is used amide type vulcanization system.

Waterproof silicone rubber sealant is widely used for glass sticking, Bathroom, countertops, toilets, sanitary ware etc.

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