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What is nauta mixer principle?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-04-11 11:01:30

nauta mixer principle

Nauta mixer is suitable for mixed materials, heat-sensitive materials do not produce overheating, the particles will not feed and grinding materials, different sizes of material mixture ratio and size does not produce debris separation phenomenon. We focus on the design and production of nauta mixers for many years and gradually form a good manufacturing technique and are familiar with the nauta mixer principle.

nauta mixer

What is nauta mixer priciple? The Nauta mixer's agitating parts are two asymmetric cantilever screws (large references for mechanical and electrical equipment in the chemical industry); they are also rotated around their axes (rotation) while also around the central axis of the conical container; The rotation of the device through the spiral of the public, rotation of the material repeatedly raised in the cone to produce shear, convection, diffusion and other complex movement, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing.

nauta mixer principle

Nauta mixer can be designed according to the requirements of the outer jacket (heating, cooling), sprayer, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyes, building materials and other powder and powder mixture, reaction. To know more information about nauta mixer principle should you contact us at once!

nauta mixer