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Look at how is modelling plasticine clay for kids made!

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-20 13:58:22

clay for kids

Two days ago, JCT Machinery received modelling plasticine clay sample from foreign clients. It is a box of colorful clay with totally 10 colors clay and a small plastic knife. It is so pretty, right? Now let us talk about the production of modelling plasticine clay for kids.

clay for kids

In the past, many people has experience in playing mud in the childhood. Nowadays, children enjoy playing modelling plasticine clay to do some create works. And modelling plasticine clay for kids is now more and more diversified. To make different shapes of modelling plasticine clay, how is its production?

modelling plasticine

After mixing and kneading the raw materials by kneading machine, it needs extruder to model and extrude. If you want to use one set of extruder to make modelling plasticine clay with some diffrent colors, firstly you should confirm the shape that modelling plasticine clay come out from the extruder. Like the sample from our clients, each color is shaped by a model. And when a color of modelling plasticine clay come out, we can use cutter to let each one have a same length and then to be packaged. Once you finished the production of one color, you should clean machines for produce other colors. As a professional manufacturer of modelling plasticine clay making machine, we welcome you feel free to consult to us for more production information about modelling plasticine clay for kids.

modelling plasticine

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