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What do you know about insulating glass hot melt rubber butyl sealant?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-19 17:24:23

butyl sealant

Hollow glass butyl rubber (also known as thermoplastic insulating glass glue) is a polyisobutylene rubber as the base material of the single component, no solvent, no fog, no vulcanization, with permanent plastic sealant. Its sealing effect is good, easy to guarantee the quality; no curing period, saving area. It is environmentally friendly products, the use of no waste, clean environment; save your time, raw materials, staff, reduce production costs and so on. For insulating glass hot melt rubber butyl sealant, what do you know about it?

butyl sealant

Hollow glass hot melt can be divided into two types of thermoplastic and thermosetting. Belonging to the thermoplastic insulating glass hot-melt adhesives has hollow glass hot-melt butyl rubber and so on. Thermosetting type hollow glass hot melt adhesive includes silicone rubber, polyurethane glue and polysulfide glue. Under normal circumstances, thermoplastics usually used in the first seal, and the thermosetting is used in the second seal, the structure of the seal.

rubber butyl sealant

So what equipments are for its production? It generally uses reactor and kneading machine for mixing. After mixing process is finished, the material is generally out by kneader with screw and then use the filling machine for filling. More information about production of insulating glass hot melt rubber butyl sealant, you can contact us!

rubber butyl sealant

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