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Bangladesh client who making grafted adhesive visited JCT Machinery for discussing payment terms(2)

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-12 15:37:21

grafted adhesive

Last week, a client from Bangladesh came to JCT Machinery for checking and testing the grafted adhesive making machine he ordered. And he came again on the next day., to discuss about payment terms with us. 

grafted adhesive

The payment terms that Bangladesh can accept is L/C and it does not accept T/T as payment terms. So we talked together about some detail problem would happen in the trade, and we at last reached a consensus. The Bangladesh client easy to be angry in the beginning, but under our patience and possitive to face the problem, he realized our sincere.

making grafted adhesive

The Bangladesh client plans to start grafted adhesive production. Do you know what is grafted adhesive? Grafted adhesive is mainly used for footwear industry, bags, handbags industry fabrics, PVC, PU bonding. This adhesive is fast to get dry, has a better performance and is an oily glue. If you feel puzzled in grafted adhesive making machine, you can contact JCT Machinery!

making grafted adhesive