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Graft adhesive machine client from Bangladesh visited JCT Machinery(1)

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-11 11:48:45

graft adhesive

Last week, Bangladesh client visit us to test the grafted adhesive machine he had bought before. On that day we drove to his hotel and picked him up to our factory.

graft adhesive

Firstly we dealed with some problem had before. Then we went to the workshop to see the machine together. During the time checking and testing the grafted adhesive machine, we explained to him some questions he puzzled as well. At last he looks very glad and went back. And he planed to come again for discussing other things on the next day. How do you know about grafted adhesive making machine?

adhesive machine

In the grafting production equipment, we generally use two stainless steel reactor for the production: one for making graft sealant, another for reconciling the graft sealant. The production process includes about six steps: feeding - mixing - heating - cooling (mixing and mixing) - discharge - packaging and others. Any problem about grafted adhesive making machine you have can consult to us! 

adhesive machine

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