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How can we maintain the quality of chemical tank mixers for resins?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 11:54:10

chemical tank mixer

As a professional chemical tank mixers manufacturer,it\'s our pleasure to introduce some tips to maintain the quality of chemical tank mixers, if you\'re a new business man,you can learn some tips for reference. in addition, we can designed the suitable chemical tank mixers according to your requirement, please don;t worry about quality of chemical tank mixers.

chemical tank mixers

1.Listen reducer and motor sound, to make a judgment normal or not.touch the temperature of reducer, motor, bearings and other parts of the frame of the chemical tank mixers, temperature ≤ 40 ℃, the maximum temperature ≤60 ℃ (on the back of the hand can stay 8 seconds is normal)

2.You should often check oil leakage of reducer from chemical tank mixers,the seal is normal or not,check the oil level inside the reducer and oil changes,oil kettle mechanical seal box has oil or not,supplemented or update the appropriate oil if necessary.

3.Pay attention to valve, explosion-proof membrane, pressure gauges, thermometers and other safety devices,easy to use? accurate and sensitive?safety valve and pressure gauge has checked? explosion-proof membrane endoleak or not.

4.Often listen for abnormal noise and vibration within the chemical tank mixers.Keep the stirring shaft sighting and clean, ban anti-inverting phenomenon.

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