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Yesterday Australian customer visited JCT Machinery again for discuss machine for lubricant grease and saw hydraulic discharge machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-08-07 14:12:51

machine grease

Grease is a thick grease-like semi-solid, used for mechanical friction part, from the lubrication and sealing effect. It is also used for metal surfaces, filling voids and rust-proofing. It is mainly made of mineral oil (or synthetic lubricants) and thickener. Yesterday the Australian client visited JCT Machinery again and discussed machine for lubricant grease production. How is it?

machine grease

In the discuss, he told us that he wants to change the daily output of the production, which also needs the bigger size machines. To show our more professional, he wants us to design the equipment how to place in a plant, how about the problem of allocation of manpower. During our conversation, we knew he is a strict person and shows much attention to the equipment quality. After the meeting, we also took the customer to our workshop and saw our hydraulic discharge machine. He is satisfied with our service attitude and professional explanation to equipment.

lubricant grease

After the visiting, with knowing us have free time on Sunday, he invited us to take him around in Foshan, so we went to Nanhai Vivo City together. In the superhall we together ate some Chinese desserts, played basketball and other children games. Through chatting, we knew that he wants to sell his products to Sydney local market. And he applauded of China do well in technology, so he is willing to conbine good technology of China with his high-quality production requirements. He has such a  clever mind to do business! How fun we spent the Sunday together, and it is such a meaningful Friendship Day as well. By the way, if you want to know more information about machine for lubricant grease, welcome to contact us and visit us!

lubricant grease

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