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How a wonderful liquid mixer machine is this! Planetary mixer do well in mixing liquid!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-01-13 08:50:24

Anyone one who want to find a good liquid mixer machine can consider about the Planetary Mixer. This machine is widely used in mixing liquid. Today let’s explore how can it operate.

liquid mixing

Planetary mixer is a new highly efficient mixing liquid and solid equipment, without dead spots. This solid or liquid mixer machine is unique and novel in agitation. There are two or three multi-blade stirrer and one or two automatic scraper. Agitator runs around the kettle crashes intricately, strongly sheared and rubbed. Besides, equipment knife scraped the inside wall of kettle, and bring down the material glues to the wall when rotate around the axis, which greatly enhances the effect.

liquid mixer machine

Solid or liquid mixer machine kettle has special seal structure to pressure and vacuum, so that the exhaust can be well expelled. Cylinder jacket can be heated and cooled according to user’s needs. Discharging way is pressure fed, covers lift by hydraulic, and cylinder is free to move, which is easy to operate to. And the impeller and the blade can be rise with the beam out of the cylinder, so it is easy to clean. The equipment is applicable to the process of mix, reaction, disperse, dissolute and quench the multi-component mixing solid, mixing solid-liquid, mixing liquid materials in the industries of chemical, light industry, food, batteries, pharmaceuticals, building materials, pesticides. It’s widely used in the production of ink, paint, adhesives, sealants, filling plastic ointment, paste materials, grease, paste food, additives and other compounds of high viscous preparation.

mixing liquid

Planetary Mixer is a amazing liquid mixer machine in mixing liquid or solid.

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