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Alibaba Jack Ma chated with Trump about creating 1 million US iobs over 5 years! As a chemical mixer manufacturers concernes.

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-01-13 11:31:30

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As US CNBC reported,on Jan 10th,In American time,Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun(Jack Ma) just walked into the Trump Tower in New York, met with US President-elect Trump.CNBC also said,this meeting is on the tensions between the China and the incoming Trump government.Before this situation,Trump proposed to impose high tariffs on China, also in Taiwan relations to provoke political disputes.As a chemical mixer manufacturers ,we often pay attention to international news.

mixer manufacturers

At first,CNBC quoted sources as saying,Ma's meeting with Trump, mainly talk about Alibaba's latest US expansion plans. The plan includes the next five years to create 1 million jobs in the United States.as a chemical mixer manufacturers, we are clearly looking forward to this will happened.

mixer manufacturers

After the meeting,Trump told the media,he had a good meeting with Ma,and Jack Ma said he want to do some big things!However, CNBC subsequently noted that Ma did not talk about specific employment opportunities when he met reporters. "We believe that China-US relations should be strengthened and be more friendly," he said.at the same time,the chemical mixer manufacturers agree it well, we hope we will have a bright future with US government.

mixer manufacturers

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