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Working priciple of liquid agitator

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 11:47:08

liquid agitator

The liquid agitator can be divided into many kinds, we can give different name on liquid agitator,here it\'s glad to talk about liquid agitator,liquid agitator can be known as reactor,it\'s a kind of chemical mixing equipment used for many chemicals industries.

liquid agitator

JCT liquid agitator is to break down or recombined the materials through mixing, filling and cooling, to promote the reaction of polymerization.liquid agitator includes body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal, etc.as for auxiliary equipment, it contains distillation column, head tank,condenser,water separator,collecting cans, filters, etc.

liquid agitator

JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd as a professional liquid agitator manufacturer, we have rich experience on supplying the suitable liquid agitator over 10 years, you can tell us about your requirement, we can design the suitable liquid agitator on your need.

liquid agitator

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