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What is the liquid mixer agitator?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 11:40:56

liquid mixer agitator

When we come to liquid mixer agitator, what kinds of liquid mixer agitator are you interested in? as a professional liquid mixer agitator manufacturer in China, we can design the suitable liquid mixer agitator according to your requirement, in addition, we have been upgrading the new model liquid mixer agitator following the market trend.

mixer liquid

JCT liquid mixer agitator mainly consists of body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal, etc. as for auxiliary Equipment, it can includes distillation column,head tank,condenser,water separator,collecting cans, filters, etc.JCT liquid mixer agitator applies for the liquid-liquid, liquid-powder reaction industry.

mixer liquid

JCT liquid mixer agitator is main mixing machines used for resin,adhesive,silicone oil production.As for liquid mixer agitator buyers, we suggest you could find a suitable liquid mixer agitator manufacturer to solve your liquid mixer agitator requirement, take JCT Machinery as a example, choose JCT liquid mixer agitator, means to choose a suitable liquid mixer agitator manufacturer and reliable liquid mixer agitator product!

liquid mixer agitator