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How to choose the classification of kneading machine?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-05-07 17:32:25

kneading machine

When we talk about the classification of kneading machine, it occured to me that vacuum type, pressure type, in addition,  kneadering machine can be made of high temperature type. and how to choose the classification of  kneading machine? let's learn together as follows:

1.Depending on the raw material, kneadering machine can be divided into stainless steel kneadering machine, carbon steel kneadering machine and kneadering machine with special materials.

2.Accroding to discharge way, it can be divided into  hydraulic cylinder turning,discharge valve and screw extrusion way.

3.The capacity of machine design can be classified SH-1-SH-3000 Liter.

4.The different heat-conducted materials:steam heating,conducting oil electric heating and water cooling type.

5.Accroding to the severity and extent of the impact,it can be divided into standard type and aggravated Powerful type.