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How is jacketed reactor vessel for rat medicine?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-21 11:44:07

jacketed reactor vessel

The jacketed reactor vessel for rat medicine consists essentially of its agitated container (which contains its tank and its jacket), the agitator, the reactor\'s drive, its shaft seal, and the bearing and manholes, its process takeover and some related accessories. As a professional jacketed reactor manufacturer, let us talk something about it.

jacketed reactor

The stirrer of the jacketed reactor vessel for rat medicine is mainly composed of a stirrer and its stirring shaft. Its agitation form is usually determined by the design of the process, and mainly the anchor device, the slurry device, the worm gear device, the propulsion device or the frame type device.

jacketed reactor vessel

Put the hot and cold medium in the jacket to heat up or cool, and then it will heat evenly, fast and efficient. The jacketed reactor vessel for rat medicine has a large heating area and can be heated with heat transfer oil and steam. To know more about jacketed reactor vessel for rat medicine, you can contact with us!

jacketed reactor

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