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What is industrial mass production of glue for rat traps?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-21 11:43:04

glue for rat traps

Rat glue, also known as sticky rat glue or sticky rat glue, its high viscosity, can be used repeatedly, and is a green pollution-free way to catch mice. Here\'s a brief introduction to what is industrial mass production of glue for rat traps.

industrial rat traps

What is industrial mass production of glue for rat traps? Put the main rubber, low molecular weight polyisobutylene and antioxidant into the thermal oil reactor, heating and stirring to vacuum to its full melting. And then put the olefin polymer, heating and stirring to vacuum it to all the melting and mixing evenly, products that after packaging the material are rat glue. The above-mentioned rat glue production process is simple, less equipment investment, production safety and conducive to protecting the environment.

glue for rat traps

Industrial production of rat glue for the shape of the block, the color can be customized, and can be processed according to the needs of high viscosity, medium viscosity, low viscosity of various types, to adapt to different conditions of the mouse needs. The most common rat glue formulation is in accordance with the conventional formula of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, all the performance parameters are strictly controlled. As a manufacturer of jacketed reactor for heating and melting paraffin to make industrial glue for rat traps, we welcome your inquiry!

industrial rat traps

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