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Could you tell me the working principle of industrial powder liquid mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 10:34:38

industrial powder mixer

The industrial powder liquid mixer is a kind of chemical powder and liquid mixing equipment, in addition,industrial powder liquid mixer is suitable for mixing materials of powder-powder and power-liquid, especially for powder, paste and thick materials. JCT industrial powder liquid mixer,you best choice!

powder liquid mixer

The industrial powder liquid mixer is made from stainless steel generally, apart from stainless steel, it also adopts carbon steel,the outer material of industrial powder liquid mixer can be designed into heating and cooling jacket,we provide the warranty for 3 years! industrial powder liquid mixer can match the frequency changer, which is to adjust the rotation speed of ribbon blade.

industrial powder mixer

JCT industrial powder liquid mixer is adding a liquid and pasty materials mixed in the ribbon mixer for viscous of cohesive ganule mixing and granule has a good effect, cylinder cover can be made of a wide-open door, so that the equipment for cleaning.More information would be welcomed for your inquiry!

powder liquid mixer

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