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How about the JCT powder mixers machine?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 09:44:30

powder mixers

JCT powder mixers machine is a kind of chemical mixing machine used in many industries,JCT powder mixers machine is also known as horizontal mixer,which has many advantages, such as good mixing homogenity,shortest mixing time,high mixing efficiency,double drive unit and so on.Because of many advanced advantages,JCT powder mixers machine is widely accepted by many overseas customers.

powder mixer machine

The basic inreoduction of JCT powder mixers machine can be understood, JCT powder mixers machine adopts double drive unit, total volume is about 0.3-30cbm, the mixing time is about 2-10 miniutes per batch,driven-power is 3kw-150kw,JCT powder mixers machine is made from stainless steel and carbon steel.

powder mixers

JCT powder mixers machine is applied to a certain range of material and process.in addition,JCT powder mixers machine can be designed into suitable type you want, we can supply the technique support if necessary, so please don;t worry about any problem in JCT powder mixers machine operation. JCT powder mixers machine, you best choice!

powder mixer machine

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