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What is horizontal dry ingredient feed mixer design?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-12 11:00:53

dry ingredient mixer

Horizontal dry ingredient feed mixer is composed of a mixing tank, a stirrer and a driving device. Feeding equipment is a prerequisite for equipment capable of thorough mixing of materials, equipment and reasonable feed to ensure the best effect of mixing materials, JCT Machinery propose different production processes and mixing the actual situation according to the customer, thus designing customized solutions. As a horizontal dry ingredient feed mixer manufacturer, I can introduce the mixer design for you.

horizontal feed mixer design

The U-shaped tubular box of horizontal dry ingredient feed mixer is equipped with a double-shaped ribbon coil with a stirrer. The outer spiral belt is driven by the power, and the coil is in the form of the rotation. The material is pushed from both ends of the U-shaped bin to the central zone, and the inner helical belt pushes the material from the middle to the ends to form a convective mixture.

dry ingredient mixer

The bottom of horizontal dry ingredient feed mixer tubular body defines a central discharge opening, a spiral belt layer scroll structure of a spindle rotational direction driven mating inner cylindrical wall to the central material discharge port discharge, the cylinder body to ensure that no dead material discharge. If you have problems to our horizontal dry ingredient feed mixer, you can contact with information below at once!

horizontal feed mixer design

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