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What is the high viscosity agitator mixers?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-28 11:28:18

agitator mixers

The high viscosity agitator mixers is also called as kneading machine in JCT Machinery, it\'s a high efficient and professional chemical mixing equipment,we can provide various models of high viscosity agitator mixers,we can design the suitable high viscosity agitator mixers on our client\'s need.

agitator mixer

JCT high viscosity agitator mixers is a multi-functional mixing equipment.high viscosity agitator mixers has many models, we can design the volume from 5L to 5000L or more,and high viscosity agitator mixers speed can be adjusted by frequent control, the motor is chosen explosion-proof motor,the vacuum degree is -0.094(Vacuum Type).

agitator mixers

JCT high viscosity agitator mixers is a wide application mixing equipment.which is suitable for butyl rubber,plastics,silicon rubber,dyestuff,pigments,printing ink,food gum,high viscosity sealant ,high elastic-plastic materials.

agitator mixer

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