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Do you know the difference between three-axis disperser(high shear dispersing machine) and single-axis disperser(high speed dispersion mixer)?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-03 17:26:29

high speed dispersion

Three-axis disperser is also called high shear dispersing machine, which is driven by three motors, can mix high and low viscosity material to meet customer requirements, and it can operate in the user to quickly change the operation process. So fast and easy. Now the application of three-axis disperser (high shear dispersing machine) has been recognized by the majority of users, the most common is the production of silicone sealant, adhesives, chemical products and so on. As a non-standard equipment, it can be selected by the user and supporting the size, and have advantages: advanced structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, production efficiency, easy discharge, product durability and so on.

high speed dispersion mixer

Single-axis disperser, also known as high speed dispersion mixer, which is mainly driven by a single motor, with a single high-speed dispersion characteristics. Its operation and maintenance is simple, the production continuity is strong, the material can be quickly dispersed and dissolved, the dispersion effect is good, the production efficiency is high, the operation is smooth, the installation is simple. Single-axis disperser(high speed dispersion mixer) adapts to the paint ink, food, cosmetics, medicine, pesticides, resins, adhesives and so on. 

high speed dispersion mixer

However, to compare with the two dispersion machines, the mixing effect of three-axis disperser (high shear dispersing machine) is better than effects of single-axis disperser (high speed dispersion mixer). More information about dispersion machine from JCT Machinery you want to learn about, you can contact us!

high speed dispersion

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