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How is the brief introduction of 107 glue(polyvinyl formal adhesive) and 903 glue?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-15 16:07:20

107 glue

107 glue is called polyvinyl formal adhesive, an adhesive formed by water-based solution or emulsion. Because its characteristics of not lit, low price, easy to use and so on, 107 glue is widely used in construction projects, and it can be used as building adhesives and various interior and exterior paint, ground coating base material.

polyvinyl adhesive

903 glue is a kind of paste adhesive that EVA emulsion (polyvinyl acetate - ethylene copolymer emulsion) filled with powder and auxiliary materials. 903 glue containing toluene, toluene on the human body is harmful, environmentally friendly paste construction glue use and performance and 903 glue the same, but does not contain toluene and other harmful substances on the human body. 903 glue widely used in tiles, ground, wood, gypsum board, mosaic and floor leather and cement walls, ground bonding; benzene board, all kinds of table wood, porcelain hook, bakelite and concrete cover a variety of porous building materials between the bonding.

polyvinyl formal

Especially when the wall is not flat, 107 glue can be used to make it smooth. It can also be used with the 903 complementary. When the wall is not flat, it is better to use 107 glue beacuse its price is lower, but not as convenient as 903 glue. If you are interested in purchasing glue making machine from JCT Machinery, kindly welcome your inquiry!

polyvinyl adhesive

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